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triplelift floorjack

In may I recieved the triple lift floorjack as a gift. At the time I thought it was the best jack ever built especially because it lifts atvs and I own an ATV. I could also use it on my personal vehicles as well. I used the jack once to lift my atv and maybe 2-3 times I used it to lift my car and after using it the car it started leaking fluid in my garage. Now it will only jack up abt 9in and it will not lift the car or the atv. I tried to exchange it to Pepboys where it was purchased but they were no help. I would hope you would standby your product and help me come up with a reasonable solution.


I believe that I answered this via my email early in October.  My computer crashed and that early data is not available through my new computer.  If you did not receive the information please let me know.



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