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The replacement charger from the battery recall doesn't fit the original molded case?


I have a Kawasaki (19.2) cordless drill. I registered for the battery recall. When the replacement charger arrived, the new charger doesn't fit in the molded case the drill came in. This is VERY INCONVENIENT, since I carry everything in the case. I think the replacement should have fit the case. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in Alltrade for this cheap fix. I have used your tools a long time, but if this isn't corrected I might have to switch brands. SEND ME A CHARGER THAT FITS MY CASE and I will send the one that don't back. Thank you. Ed Collett


Hello Ed,
Sorry for your inconvenience but since we were only allowed a very short time to make replacements available by the necessary governmental agency, the charger you received was the only unit immediately available.  We've found that the charger will fit into the case but must be placed into the cavity at an angle. We understand your concern but have tried to accommodate all the replacements in some expeditious manner even though it's not exactly as the original. At this point, if the unit you received is not satisfactory, we will be more than happy to provide you with a refund of the purchase price.

Thanks for asking,


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