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Air compressor will not build pressure

I have a trades 30 Gal air compressor that won't build pressure past about 50 lbs. oil level is fine, air filters are clean. what other items can I check?


There are 2 possibilities for your air compressor problem.  First, the reed valve may have slipped out of position or may need replacement as it may have become misshapen.  Please remove the head and check for the condition of the reed valve. If it is displaced please reposition it.  As an added tip, if the reed valve is in good condition you may wish to turn it over.  Reassemble the head unit and check for proper operation.  Second, if this did not solve the problem, there is a copper pipe running from the pressure regulator to the tank where it enters a brass fitting.  Inside that fitting is a spring-loaded valve that may have become clogged with some type of debris, requiring the valve to be disassembled, cleaned out and re-installed.  Refer to your owner's manual for the exploded view showing the part numbers of these valves and all other part numbers.  If you do not have the manual, please advise so I can send you a copy.

Please let me know if this solves your problem.

Thanks for asking,


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