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Recharger recall inquiry?


I'm not sure Legal will even let you answer this, but here's the deal. I bought the Kawasaki 21.6 V drill pack because of the quick recharge capability. Now, instead of a recall replacing the batteries to suit the charger, I'm getting a 3-5 hour charger to accommodate the batteries - a downgrade! Is this because it's so much cheaper for Alltrade to replace the charger?


Hello James,
I understand your situation but, No, we do not ship lesser dollar items for this recall. Due to the short time we were given to provide replacements by the consumer protection, those were the only chargers available for immediate shipping. Unknown to Alltrade, the factory manufacturing the chargers built a unit which provided a higher current, causing very high heat buildup internally, as well as, heating the batteries. Not only was the heat up of the chargers dangerous, it also had a tendency to heat the batteries that in time would reduce the life of those batteries. Since safety to the consumer is our aim, the 3 to 5 hour chargers provided not only a safe charging atmosphere, but also, ensured the longevity of the batteries involved. I hope you realize the positive aspect of a slower charging rate as opposed to fast charges that reduce the life of your batteries.  In the event you find this unacceptable, we would be happy to provide you with a refund for the product.

Thanks for asking,


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