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What kit works best for removing the bearing assembly from the trailing arm?


Am in the process of replacing the rear wheel bearings on a 1989 BMW 325I. Am trying to stay away from removal of the entire control arm. Have the bearing exposed after removal of the hub and am in need of removing the old bearing and installing a new one on each side. You have a kit apparently designed to remove FWD bearings on domestic as well as foreign cars.
Will it work on this application? Outside diameter of the bearing is 4 1/16" (approx) and the OD of the control arm in which it rests is 4 1/2" (approx).
Have a local Advance Auto Parts that rents your items if you think (I think it is kit 27) will work.

Thanks in advance.


Hello David,
If your wanting to remove the bearing assembly from the trailing arm, the only kit that may work is #41(648611), which is carried by Advance Auto Parts but we're not sure if the application works or not. The only way to find out is to try out the kit.

Thanks for asking,


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