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Kawasaki 19.2v Cordless drill recall


Hello; I purchased a Kawasaki drill at Tractor Supply while working in Cadillac, MI during December 2011. I love the drill and have used it quite a bit. I have noticed the trigger switch hasn't been working properly. It doesn't run in slow speed any more and then starts full speed when I get to what should be about half speed. I returned after lunch yesterday and could smell smoke in the shop. I felt the handle of the drill and it was very warm. It hadn't been run for about an hour. I notice a product recall on the items sold through Costco but there is no serial number on the drill so I don't know if it falls into the block of bad items or not. The decal in on the side of the drill but the S/N is blank. Can you advise me if there is a recall on this item. and is there another way to find the S/N on the unit?


I replied to you via my email. Were you able to get the information and/or part you were seeking,




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