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Whats wrong with a couple of drops of air tool oil?


I just purchased the Kawasaki 3/8 in. drive air ratchet. I read through the manual before using, and came across the daily lubrication instructions. It says, "Daily, pour 1 tablespoon of Marvel Mystery oil into tool inlet." And also under lubrication it says,"...during daily prolonged use, use lube 3 or 4 times a day."
What gives, you can't be serious? And if you are, I won't even comment on the instructions, since it would conflict with my normal easy going nature.

What’s wrong with a couple of drops of air tool oil?


Hello Mike,
Your right, it's crazy and I must admit the Chinese are not that good at English. Years ago before I retired, I was developing all the manuals which included using Marvel Mystery Oil but the teaspoon full is not recommended. 5 to 6 drops is sufficient lubrication as it atomizes internally to act as, (guess what?) Lubricant, and secondly, to coat the interior to stop rust formation that develops as a result of condensation. Also, before storing a tool away, add a few drops and apply some air for coating and store it away. I'll have this changed on future manuals. I sure appreciate your bringing this to our attention.

Many thanks for asking,


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