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Air Compressor Parts
Hello, My name is John Edgett from Kingston, Nova Scotia in Canada. I am requesting a parts price for the following; Name: Power Built Hotrod Series Twin Tank Air compressor 5 gallon/3 Peak Hp Model: 647376 Serial: 0708 002285 Part #: 647376-73 Pressure Switch - There is a very small air pressure safety relief valve attached to the outer case of 647376-73 pressure switch assembly. I cannot find a part number in the parts diagram for this tiny air relief valve. I suspect it is part of its next higher assembly being the complete electrical pressure switch. Is this correct, or can you supply just that tiny air valve attached. What is the price and/or availability for said assemblies? (during a repair the little valve was damaged, rendering it unserviceable). Part #: 647376-77 Gasket - A small pipe fitting gasket (looks like a washer) which seals a pipe fitting between the Pressure switch and upper tank. Well, I would like to hear that you can send me a little safety air relief valve (and a gasket), I would like to avoid having to buy a whole pressure switch assembly, thanks and I will wait for your reply. John Edgett 142 Ward Rd RR6 Kingston, NS Canada

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