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Are Alltrade tools as good as the other leading tool brands?


Hi Carl, I just want to ask if Alltrade tools are as good and last as the high end tool brand such as craftsman and etc. I am asking this because I want to buy air tools for personal use and I want a product that is not expensive and will last for a long time. Is Alltrade brand at par with other products?


Hello Jezreel,
While Alltrade Brand Tools are a good buy for the money, they are intended for use by do-it-yourselfers. As such, the tools are manufactured from medium carbon steel where they perform adequately but not to the rigid standards required by industrial quality tools. Let’s face it, you get what you pay for which is to say that if you expect Alltrade Tools to be of equal quality of Craftsman; No, they are not, nor do we advertise them as such. If you’re looking for a top quality tool which would qualify as being equal to Craftsman, then go to Kragen Auto Parts, Schucks Auto, or Checker Auto and purchase our top quality line, Powerbuilt. This line is equal to any of the top brands in both quality and appearance while being relatively inexpensive (30%less) when compared to the other brands.

Thanks for asking,


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