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How do you fix an Alltrade floor Jack, model no 653-J2 that slowly lowers?


Hi Carl,
I have an older Alltrade floor Jack, model no 653-J2 that, when raised, it will slowly let down. I assume that it has a bad seal somewhere. Can you give me any tips on fixing and where I can get a seal kit and rebuild instructions?
Thanks, John


Hello John,
Your unit is about 14 or 15 years old and has since been discontinued. No parts remain and all the repair seals have been discarded as seals deteriorate over time. The jack’s condition bears addressing as the slow lowering of the saddle tells me that either you have a scored cylinder wall or the seals are degrading to the point that you have a very dangerous unit. If you’re using jack stands you stand a better chance of eliminating accidents but safety is the issue here and how much is your life worth? The cost of a new unit?

Thanks for asking,


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