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How do you properly oil air tools?


Hi Carl, I just bought some air tools it was the Alltrade 71 piece kit and my Question Is: How do You Oil The Air Hammer, the 3/8 Drive air ratchet, and the air die grinder? Also, I’ve been reading some of the Questions some people submit about the Air Impact wrench and how in some occasions does not have the power to remove a lug nut. How can i well for all my Avoid the loss of torque on my Tools? Thank you And hope to hear From you Soon.


Hello Juan,
Oil is placed into the air inlet of the tool. Place about four or five drops into the air inlet each time you use the tool. One of the big problems with air tools is that normally when people finish their use of the tool, they just put it away. Wrong! When dealing with compressed air, the air is heated during the process and enters a cold tool where condensation forms. This condensation causes the iron parts to rust causing either inoperative conditions or reduced output. Oiling your tools coats the interior, eliminating the rust problem during use. When placed away to storage, any condensation remaining will generate rust. Your largest problem and re-oiling prior to storage should keep the tool in top operable condition for years to come.

Thanks for asking,


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