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Looking for Honda Crack Pulley Tool
Hi Carl, I am desperately trying to find a Crank Pulley Tool for a 1991 Honda Civic. It is the smooth, round tool, not the hexagonal one. I know Powerbuilt *used* to carry one, but I can not find a Powerbuilt tool retailer anywhere. I'd prefer to rent the tool from someone, but I have to get the Crack Pulley Bolt removed yesterday, and I am out of options, short of ramming a rod into my flywheel. Please help me locate this tool!


I need to know where you are located in order to direct you to a dealer.  Short of that you can call customer service at 1-800-423-3598 and describe the tool to them.  They may have one in stock or be able to direct you to a retailer in your area.  I am at a satellite location and do not have access to parts inventory information.  

Thanks for asking,

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