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Advertising Question
Hello, I hope you are having a nice day. I apologize for the email, I'm trying to get in touch with someone in the Marketing Department to discuss advertising opportunities for Toolsmith Direct on the radio, so if you could direct me to the correct point of contact I would really appreciate it. I wanted to talk to someone specifically about a show from the National Association of REALTORS called Real Estate Today, I work with United Stations Radio Networks and we syndicate that show along with many others, and it’s on about 140 stations nationwide and discusses real estate, market trends, home improvement etc… and I think that Toolsmith Direct would be a nice fit for the show since families moving into a new home typically do work on their home and need tools. We can get really creative both in the show on and the website www.retradio.com and have the host read your commercials. We can even customize weekly segments within the show depending on the products you want to talk about. I would love to set up a time to talk with someone about your initiatives and get into more specifics about this show and other United Stations programming. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Amanda Kress


Hello Amanda,  

This is out of my area and I have forwarded your inquiry to our marketing manager, Andy Somerville, who can be reached at  andys@alltradetools.com or by calling 310-522-9008.  I am at a remote location and not in direct contact with the office.

Thanks for asking,


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