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#547530 Powerbuilt floor jack
I do not have an owners manual for this product. Where can I get a copy of this manual? My jack has been leaking from the slotted plug in the cylinder between the handle and the lifting arm and when I removed the plug to inspect it, it seemed that it should have an o-ring on it, but there was not one there. Should there be an o-ring on this plug? Since I assume that as a result of the leak, I will have to replenish the hydraulic fluid in the jack, I need to know where to service the unit. There is one slotted plug in the cylinder that I just mentioned, as well as two other plugs in the housing perpendicular to the cylinder between it and the handle. One of those is slotted and the other seems to be set up for an allen wrench. Which of these plugs do I use to service the fluid?

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