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My 2 1/4 ton hydraulic jack # 662-J-2 does not stay up?


I have a 2 1/4 ton hydraulic jack # 662-J-2 that does not stay up. I need a good blow up of the parts list and some suggestions of what is wrong. There are no dealers within 50 miles of me. Do you still sell parts to this jack?
Fred Ouellette
Waco TX


Hello Fred,
Your unit is about 15 years old and as such has the potential of being a safety hazard due to the age of seals as well as check valve balls. We do not recommend doing any repairs because only qualified technicians should perform the necessary repairs. Don't forget that a life is worth more than the low cost of a replacement, which in your case would be$ 49.99. We suggest that the unit be scrapped or destroyed so it cannot be reused. We hope you understand our concern for your safety.

Thanks for asking,


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