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21.6 volt drill
Dear All Trade representative: About a year ago I purchased a Kawasaki 21.6v at Costco. I used a few times around the house to drive screws and to make few holes on wood pieces for home projects. A couple of months ago while charging one of the batteries somehow the battery overheated to a point where smoke was coming out. I immediately removed the battery but it suffered enough damage to a point where it no longer can be charged. The second battery is still usable but it only holds charge for about 5 minutes of intermittent use of the drill. It also has gotten overheated but not to point of generating smoke. Recently I learned from a friend that the chargers that came with this type of drill were defective and could catch fire. He told me to take it back to Costco. I did not take it back to Costco because I did not think it would be ethical considering that I used the drill bits that came with the kit quite a few times. In other words the kit is no longer in new condition. However, searching on-line I found out that the chargers were being recalled by Alltrade. I am thankful that Alltrade sent me a new charger after completing the information on the website. My question to you is as follows: Is it possible for Alltrade replace the batteries since it is obvious that they became inoperative due to questionable quality of the original charger that nearly burnt them? The model# on the case is 840267 The drill SN is 0809023865 Please kindly respond to my message or call me at 818 319-7705. My name is Juan Gutierrez and live near Valencia California. Thanks for your time.

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