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How to bleed AllTrade 3 ton floor jack

Hello. I have an AllTrade 3 ton floor jack (model 691) that seems to have air in the cylinder. I recklessly disassembled parts of the jack base in an attempt to flush out and replace the old oil and bleed it. The reassembly of the balls and springs does not match the manual (the jack actually has one small ball and one large one where the manual says there should be three identical small balls). Can you send reassembly and bleeding instructions please? Thanks. Tom

Sorry that you disassembled your floor jack as jack oil never needs to be replaced unless leakage is evident.  At this point, your jack is at least 15 years old and due to its age presents a safety hazard.  You have had many good years of use, but now it is time to replace your unit as the cost of a new jack is considerably less than a loss of life.  Please be advised that repairs of any hydraulic equipment should only be performed by qualified hydraulic technicians.

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