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floor jack ?
I have a model # 620098 3 ton floor jack, which hole do I put fluid in and how much do I put in? It has a slotted and an allen head bolt??


Fluid does not go into either location.  The location of the fill hole is evidenced by a dome-shaped rubber plug located on the round portion of the hydraulic cylinder.  Remove the plug by using a pair of pliers; then stand the jack onto its rear casters. The proper oil level would be even with the bottom of the fill hole when the unit is in this upright position.  The proper oil is jack oil which can be purchased at any auto parts store.  Unless the unit has been leaking there would be no reason to attempt to add oil to the unit.  You may have to pour the oil through a tube of some sort.  If the unit needs oil and has been refilled to the proper level, place the unit back onto the ground and use a screwdriver blade to help replace the rubber plug back into the fill hole.  At this point it may need bleeding as air may have entered the system.  Consult your owner's manual for bleeding instructions.

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