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Selecting an Air Compressor
I need an air compressor to operate air ratchet, air gasket remover, paint sprayer, inflate tires and air nozzle cleaning. The ratchet and gasket remover used 3/8 hose previously and maybe you could recommend a paint sprayer for painting the garage, basement and various things around the house as well. Thanks


As for paint spray equipment we suggest one of the two following:  high pressure spray gun or HVLP (high volume low pressure), either of which are great for do-it-yourself projects.  When it comes to compressors, you will need a compressor capable of producing at least 8 cfm or higher output as your paint guns have a tendency to use much higher output and this must be coupled with a tank size of about 50 gallon capacity to supply needs for both your air ratchet, any impact equipment, gasket remover, sanders, etc.  The reason for a larger tank capacity is that smaller units have a tendency to run constantly to keep up with the air being used by any equipment requiring higher output and the constant running has a tendency to burn up the motor and/or pump.  The secret to good spray painting is lots of test spraying on various substrates as this practice pays off in great job finishes.  Usually, spray guns have a small orifice of about 1.8 mm requiring good thinning of the paint.  Read the spray gun manual and follow the instructions to obtain professional results. 

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