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My Sears Model 214.50145 floor Jack won't hold weight?


I purchased 3.5 ton floor jack from Sears Model 214.50145 about 4 yrs ago. I was using the jack and it finally would not hold the weight. Upon checking, I realized that the oil was depleted and needed to refill the reservoir. Doing so, I am still unable to keep the jack arm up under vehicle pressure. I've followed the directions regarding bleeding for air bubbles, but still no success, can you help me?


Hello James,
Sorry to advise that I am not familiar with the hydraulic systems of Sears’ lift equipment. Based on your description of the inoperative condition as well as the repairs you attempted, I feel that:  1) The fluid may be bypassing one of the "O" rings in the high pressure pump area or 2)  You may need to continue trying to relieve the air buildup in the system. Sometimes, that process can be tried for about 10 to 15 times before the unit starts working. Based on the age of your unit and if usage wasn't that much, it should be worth repairing but if the usage was extensive, the internal wear could be such that it's time for a replacement. Let’s face it, the price of a new unit that works is considerably less than the cost of a life. Better to be safe than sorry. Hope this gives you some food for thought.

Thanks for asking,


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