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ISO Bubble Flare 1989 Ponitac Brakeline
Using tool kit:55 Model#648990 Can't get the bubble flare to match the original flare. The tool is creating a flare that has a smaller diameter and bubble height as compared to the original flare. The brakeline is 3/16" diameter.


To perform a double flare, you have flare #1 which performs the initial flare and flare #2 that performs the second flare.  You also have a bracket that holds the hydraulic line in position so #1 flare can be performed.  The secret to performing the second flare is to move the bracket down the hydraulic tube the same distance as the difference between the top of the flare and the bottom of the flare, i.e. if the flare is 1/4" then the bracket is moved down 1/4".  This allows the tube expansion into the second flare.  After performing these functions the last function would be to use the #1 flare cone to properly reshape the cone. I hope these instructions are adequate for you to perform the second flare.


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