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My floor jack and transmission jack both leak?


I have a #647530 floor jack and #647520 transmission jack and they both have the same problem which is after being jacked up with a load on them ,they slowly leak down and will not stay up. I bought them used 6 + years ago. Are parts and part/manuals available? Or are there any repair shops in the Phoenix, Arizona area? OK to call my phone or email Thank you, Sam.


Hello Sam,
I understand your concern regarding the two hydraulic units. First, don't forget that as you've indicated, the units were previously used and resold to you so, I would definitely be aware of their potential safety hazard based on their age. I have a jack that does the same thing and has for a couple years but they should all be used in conjunction with jack stands to mitigate any possible accident. Based on usage, the seals have a tendency to deteriorate with heavy usage and also, if any contaminants exist within the system, they could score the surfaces of the inner plungers. At this point, I would request you to call our customer service 1-800-423-3598 and give them your info in hopes they can provide some sort of repair options to you.

Thanks for asking,


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