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Should I worry about the amount of lead in your products?


I have seen your products in the Canadian Tire store here in town, and I read on the back of the packaging that there is a warning that I should wash my hands because of the lead that was used with this product. Is it in the metal cast itself or is it in the paint? I was wondering just how risky it is to use these products or is the risk very low? Please clarify for me, thanks. Glenn


Hello Glenn,
Really no need to worry as all our items are safe but I'll give you a rundown of how this started. Due to the fact that lead poisoning led to many children’s health problems, the U.S. government made it law that all items containing lead should be outlawed. This is a good law but what really matters is the amount of lead that can lead to health problems and many imported toys, many house water pipes, and other items were of this metal. Everyone complied with this law but a few California Attorneys jumped on this due to the fact that many paints, many plastics as well as toys contained a very small amount of lead as part of the manufacturing materials and while these amounts are very small (1/10th of one percent) never the less, there was money to be made in bringing suits against anyone involved in importing or manufacturing related items.

Hope this helps your understanding.


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