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What are the CFM requirements for Hot Rod air tools?


I bought a Hot Rod 5 gallons air compressor and 3 Hot Rod air tools (model 691040, 691041 and 691041). The air tools kit was in one box with a number 640695 written on it. The tools are not running properly. Not strongly, I mean. Is that possible that the compressor outlet have not enough psi? Sorry for my English. I hope you understand the question. Thank you Gaetan


Hello Gaetan,
It sounds as though your compressor does not produce enough CFM to run your tools. Many of the tools you indicate require about 4CFM to run in free spin but require more CFM under load. Your compressor is great for inflating tires, running nail guns, and/or staplers, but, other tools requiring higher CFM's do not operate properly with low output.

Thanks for asking,


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