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648994 Kit 64 Harmonic Balancer Puller
Hi Carl, In attempting to pull the Balancer off a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am my brother snapped the M14x1.5 Adapter and he bent the 2" and 3" inch x 3/8 sets of bolts. I looked at what he did afterwords and the instructions and it looked like he did it correctly but there was one thing I was not sure about. The flange used in the kit is flat on one side and raised up on the other. The picture in the instructions show the flat part of the flange going on the Balancer side and the raised portion on the outside. Could you please confirm which way it goes because everything else looked right to me. I have just written a message to the parts and services department concerning the replacement of the parts. Thanks, Michael T. Osler 408-848-5638 408-427-4578 Cell mtosler@prodigy.net

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