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Brake Spring Pliers 648404
I bought these brake spring pliers quite some time ago, but I'm just using them now for the first time. My question: Is the socket on the end of the pliers supposed to be loose? (As in I can rotate the socket on the plier shaft and move it up and down the shaft by ~1" or so.) The instructions on the back of the package states to put the socket over the spring pin, put the socket lip inside the spring hook and rotate the socket to remove the return spring. I tried doing this, but because the socket is loose, I can't get the lip under the spring hook. Am I missing something or are my pliers defective?


Sorry but you have a unit that is defective in that the socket should not slide up and down but should remain on the end.  Therefore, please call customer service at 1-800-423-3598 and give them the model number of your unit so they can provide you with a replacement.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I am at a satellite location and do not have direct access to parts information.

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