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filling oil on floor jack
Where is the filler plug on a model#691-J-3-FHA? The jack only goes up part way now.


The oil fill plug is located on the round hydraulic cylinder and is covered by a dome-shaped rubber plug.  Remove the plug by using a pair of pliers and stand the jack up on its rear wheels.  The proper oil level will be even with the bottom of the oil fill hole.  Use only hydraulic jack oil that can be purchased at any auto parts store.  There is no need to add oil to your jack unless the unit has been leaking, which would be readily apparent by oil pools found beneath your jack.  In the event that the jack does need oil, fill it to the proper level and place the jack back on its 4 casters.  Then pump the handle several times to remove any air trapped in the system.  This may require 3 or 4 pumping attempts.  Hopefully this will correct the problem of your jack only going part way up.  If the above procedures do not correct that problem, please bear in mind that this jack is over 10 years old, and in this inoperative condition presents a serious safety hazard.  Remember, a new jack is cheaper than the cost of a life.

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