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I bought a Kawasaki 19.2 drill in November 2010. On e battery has died and when I call to ask about wattanty I'm told I have to (1) get a copy of the receipt (like yeah. Everybody keeps their receipts) and 2. pay shipping to send it back to Kawasaki. The serial # is1007004724B. How hard could it be to look at the manufacture date? MY question is: Why would I be dumb enough to buy any more Kawasaki tools? and Is the management of the AllTrade company really think they're gaing customers by asting this stupidly?


Hello Steven,

I don't know to whom you spoke at Alltrade.  Did you call the customer service number 1-800-423-3598?  I am at a satellite location and am not in direct contact with the department.  However the unit has a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase not the date of manufacture.  If your battery will not hold a charge, in order to get a replacement under warranty, you will need to send the battery to Alltrade prepaid, and they will send you a replacement prepaid.  If the customer service representative (at the above number) has a problem with this replacement, please ask to speak with Dave Caldwell, the customer service manager to resolve this issue.

Thanks for asking,




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