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540011 air compressor with blown capacitor
i have a 25gal/5hp aircompressor model #540011. i have ahd it for about 4 years and used it for spray paining and brad nailing. i was using it a couple of weeks ago and smelled the capacitor heat up. looked over and it had popped and failed. i got another start capacitor and tried it out and it failed too. i think my power is ok this is same line i have my freezer on. i tried taking the capacitor out of the circuit and turn the motor over. i hear it hum but it wont keep spinning. is there an internal swithc to throw the start capacitor out once it starts? i know i will have to get a new capacitor but want to fix the root cause before i put a new cap in and find out that it was a different problem. thanks


Hello Tony,

It appears that you may have a problem with the motor windings, causing the capacitor to fail.  Please call customer service at 1-800-423-3598 to find out if there is a replacement motor available for your unit.  I am at a satellite location and do not have direct access to the information.  If no replacement motor is available, you will need to remove the motor from your compressor and take it to a repair shop to assess the problem.

Good luck,


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