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Twin Tank Air compressor 5 gallon/3peak HP comp does not compress to shut-off point.
Background: After sitting drained of water throughout the winter’s freezes, I begin to use it again leaving it inside my shop, plugged in and available for use. I go to work one morning and the compressor is running restoring compression but it does not stop, so I unplug it and return later to review the problem. Observation was that there was a lot of leaking air out of a valve located at the exhaust elbow (part#4 in the manual) - where it splits to go either to the tanks or out this valve to atmosphere. This valve is not identified in the manual (pages 15&16). Please correct me if I am wrong. This valve appears to work on the open position. I will call this the Exhaust Valve Additionally, there seems to be a lot of air going into the oil chamber and it blows out the air release holes in the Dip stick. I don’t think this chamber should be under pressure to any extent. I checked all the tubing going to the tank and the pressure sensing switch and they are all clear and the air drainage valve was closed. This Exhaust Valve seems to operate in the open position. I say this because there was no way to close the valve to pressurize the tanks. Is there a missing part, a spring or something that blew out somewhere that would normally keep this valve closed? To test this, I put a plug in where this Exhaust Valve opening is located. The result was that the tanks would only pressurize to a few pounds of pressure after 4-5 minutes, so that is not the answer. What am I missing? and what do I do to fix it and prevent it from happening again. FYI, I purchased this unit in April 2008 - Bewildered



I wanted to consult with our engineering expert before answering your query.  He feels that the reed valves are not seating properly. What you need to try is to close off inlet filter and run to try and get them to seat.  However, if this does not work you will need to remove the head, but you will need to call customer service at 1-800-423-3598 to send replacement head gasket.  I hope that these steps will solve your problem.  Please let me know.

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