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Kawasaki drill
I purchased a Kawasaki 18V 2 speed drill less than a year ago. When the drill is not in use, should I leave the battery plugged in to the charger? The battery seems to lose its charge fairly rapidly and when I need the drill, the battery is dead. I haven't been able to use the drill when I need it because of the battery. I hate to leave it charging all the time.


Hello David,

Please do not keep the battery in the charger as the battery and charger could overheat which would render then inoperable.  Please be advised that this is a very low cost unit, and, as such, the batteries contain a lower rating quality, requiring frequent charging due to its inability to hold a charge for a prolonged period of time.  The normal charge time for your battery is from 3-5 hours and it should not be left on the charger beyond this time.  The charger should also be unplugged when not in use.

Thanks for asking,



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