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Compressor Model #830241 hard start with humming at motor
Hello, I have an All Trades Pro 115 PSI Model #830241, 5 Gal cap; 1.3 HP, 115v air compressor. I’ve had this for about 6 years now; very well maintained, always garaged with less than 50 hrs running time on it. I’ve only used it for inflating tires and some filter blowing with running time of about 10 minutes max per usage. Problem: I recently used it to do some wood framing in the house and found it would not start when plugged; it hummed and tired to turn over. Knowing a little about electricity I shut it down since I didn’t want it to open the breaker. Corrective action: (1). Followed all steps in pre start up in the manual. (2). I flipped the pressure switch (little handle) to the off position and still hums only. You can hear the motor trying to turn over but, I can also start to smell the capacitor heating up. (3). Plugged and unplugged it couple of times giving it a rest in between about a minute or two then it finally fired up, ran fine, and shut down on max pressure. Problem not solved: (1). Started framing and when the gun started dying from limited pressure. I went back out side to check the compressor and found it humming again and wanting to build pressure but wouldn’t turn over. (2). Again I up plugged it, but this time I experimented with draining down the tank to 0 PSI and plugged it in again. Same symptoms, just humming and tying to turn over. So I unplugged it and waited a few seconds and tried again. It fired up with build to the required pressure and shut itself down. Question: (1). Is it a bad start capacitor? (2). Did this particular model have some kind of defect I can’t find in the online blogs? This really is a great unit and it would be a waste if something on the motor already went bad. Thank you for your time, Oscar Usman (360) 440-0143 Cell


Hello Oscar,

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but I wanted to check with our engineering department to verify my idea.  I feel that your problem is related to a low voltage problem as your unit should be plugged in to a dedicated circuit of 20 amp capacity, i.e. a refrigerator outlet or a washer/dryer outlet of at least 120 volts.  Never use an extension cord as these cords will further reduce your output voltage.  Normal outlets only have a capacity of 15 amps whereas your unit will draw up to 25 amps at start-up which is the reason for the need for a dedicated circuit.  Let me know if this solves your problem.

Thanks for asking,


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