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loading grease gun

how do I load the pistol grip grease gun,



At the end of the grease tube pull down the plunger and cock it to one side so that it remains in the cocked position.  Unscrew the head from the grease tube; then take the grease cartridge, which has a plastic cover on one end, and remove that plastic cover.  Place that end into the grease gun barrel and remove the other end (it may be plastic or metal); then screw the head back on and reposition the plunger so it forces the grease back up into the tube.  Pump the grease gun handle until grease appears. Understand that the plunger is spring-loaded and a rubber or plastic cup is attached to the plunger which will force the grease into position so the handle can pump it out.

Let me know if you are successful and thanks for asking,


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