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Cordless tool battery problem

Hello, i have a 4.0 volt, cordless dual angle screwdriver product # 840889, i purchased it almost a year ago and had misplaced it in my garage. While cleaning out the garage last weekend i found it along with other things i had misplaced. So i cut open the package which had never been opened yet, plugged in charger, later about 4 hours later i went use the tool and it would not work. The manual said the red light would come on when charger was plugged in. That didnt happen, i had nothing so i got another charger, 4.0 volt from my cordless alltrade cordless rotary tool and plugged it in with same issue. i tried both chargers on the rotary tool and they worked fine. So i feel that the battery or tool or ??? are bad inside the tool. What can i do and will alltrade repair or replace or send me a battery which i can solder in? Also i have looked every place for the receipt but no luck, but i do have the package since i just recently opened it. phone # 909-268-4009 cell


Please call our customer service department at 1-800-423-3598 and give them your model number and tell them what you wrote to me so they can provide the appropriate solution.

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