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alltrade belt/disc sander

Carl, help me fix my alltrade belt/disc sandermodel 1898-B-1G. The start capacitor failed and I can not read the values to replace the capacitor. It a 3/4 hp @ 120V 3.3A Thank for any help you can give.


The unit you have is over 20 years old, and no more parts exist, but, if memory serves me, I believe the value of your capacitor to be 1 microfarad at 240 volts.  In order to confirm this, ou might try brushing off any dust from the printed area of the capacitor.  If the capacitor has a shiny plastic surface onto which the value has been imprinted try placing the capacitor into your freezer for a short period of time.  Then remove it and lightly blow your warm breath over the imprinted area as this many times has a tendency to show the printed information.  As far as a replacement, I would contact a local dealer of motors in the hope that they might be able to supply same.  If not, go into the internet under motor capacitors to find a replacement capacitor.

Good luck and thanks for asking,




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