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Alltrade 2ton Aluminum Jack (Model #480578)

Hi, I am trying to change the oil in my Alltrade 2ton Aluminum Jack (Model #480578). I am having trouble finding the oil fill plug. I saw an earlier response to the same question, but I do not see a rubber dome shaped plug. Please help. Thank you, Adam


The oil fill plug is in the same location as the breathing screw adjustment shown in attached bleeding instructions. The breathing screw is threaded into the fill bolt which is removed to fill hydraulic jack with oil.

While I have included the bleeding instructions and location of the oil fill hole, I question the reason for changing the oil.  Normal procedure would not require any oil change unless the unit has been leaking oil.  If that is the case, there would be no reason to remove any oil, just add to the reservoir.  Sorry about the information regarding the dome-shaped fill plug, as 99% of our jacks have that configuration and only a few have this type.

Thanks for asking,

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