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All trade light blaster model 778 L 1

\WE have this light and the bulb is burned out. Can not figure uot how to change it. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Hello John-We have no PDF on this unit but I do have the manual and I assume you no longer have the manual so I can send same to you but will need your address so I casn mail it to you. Bulbs can be purchased at anuy Home Depot , Lowes or hardware stored. This unit is a 500 Watt unit/ The manual has complete instructions on the re-bulbing. Caution should be exercized during the provess as the unit should be unplugged durint that operation.  
when units are energized, do not lilt the unit more than 5 degrees as the bulbs willl burn out  because of the excess tilt and do not move the unit while energized as the filament is so long and hot, it will fail.
Thanks for asking and looking forward tpo your address,

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