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I purchased this saw from tractor supply co. My question is whether it can be used for cutting masonery products such as cement pavers assuming I use it with a diamond or masonary abrasive blade. I have tried several times to reach a customer service rep to get an answer but nobody ever answers. C7FRHX
Hello-Since you didn't mention the model number, I can only assume your speaking of a metal cutoff saw-Yes you could do that but only limited quantities as that would put tremendous strain on the motor. Secondly, fporget the diamond blade as that would require using wayer as a lubricant and to reduce the heart.  Based on the target use of this unit, it could burn up the saw which negates any warranty. Using a masonry blade would be the way to go but, sawing  cement products uses up the blade very rapidly.  We would not suggest doing this for any sizable project. If you decide to persue this, use safety glasses and masks.

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