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Air Tools
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  1. questionWhat is the input pressure and torque output range for each of the 1-4 clicks on the adjustment knob of the Alltrade Impact wrench?
  2. questionWhere can I find 1/2 inch brads for my Alltrade 1872-S-9 pneumatic brad nailer?
  3. questionWhat should I do when the power to my air stapler is severly reduced?
  4. questionWhere can I get the #481030 71 piece air tool set?
  5. questionWhere can I get the manual for the HVLP kit # 835389?
  6. questionCan you tell me how to take apart my Alltrade air hammer model #1800-A-7 so I can fix it?
  7. questionWhat size air hose would you recomend for the Brad nailer air tool?
  8. questionWhere's the address to send my Alltrade air nailer to get fixed?
  9. questionIs there a minimum size air compressor I need to run a Mastergrip air tool set model # 481454?
  10. questionWhat is the maximum diameter of the nails that can be shot by the 870010 Snap-On 21 Degree Round Head Framing Nailer?
  11. questionCan you send me the owners manual / user guide online for a HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Set #905847?
  12. questionI have an old 3/8" SQ drive air wrench, model 1804-A-136 that is not working anymore. Is repairing it possible?
  13. questionWhere can I get a 55pc Master Grip air tool set manual?
  14. questionCan I be entered into the $100,000 giveaway VII if I registered online?
  15. questionCan you send me the owner's handbook for an impact tool part no.1806-A-141?
  16. questionWhat brand of nails or staples fit the SnapOn nail guns?
  17. questionWhat are the foot pounds (ftlbs) to an Alltrade impact gun model 1806-a-141?
  18. questionIs there a way to get a manual?
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